It’s okay to have too many throw pillows - Jeff and Alyssa


When it comes to our homes, creating a proper space to relax, unwind and be at peace is essential. Your cozy place. Where you are surrounded by the things make you feel at home. It’s important to choose items that will create a space that is curated specifically for you and your family, but really how easy is it do that? Decorating your home is fun, but why is it also challenging and at times overwhelming?

Most of us start out with a minimalistic approach. A few key items to make your house a home. Simple enough right? But after a few trips to Target, with all the temptations, all the “must haves”, the endless options, you end up with an accumulation of knick knacks without a true place or purpose in your home. Overtime consumerism takes over the minimalism and now you are left with all this stuff. However, there are the things you don’t necessarily need, but do want in your home. Does that mean we need to get rid of all of it? Or does it make your home “home”? Or does it cause too much stress or noise?

How and why do these things become so complicated? And where do you find the balance in all of this?

Most of don’t want super minimalistic lives or lives full of clutter. So with knowing that, how do we go about creating a home that is inviting and comforting, expresses who we are as a family (or individuals), is fueled by creating memories, but isn’t at the mercy of the latest trends?

In this week’s podcast, we interviewed The Nester herself, Myquillyn Smith, author of The Nesting Place and her upcoming release, Cozy Minimalist Home (pre-order here!). We were so excited to get a first hand perspective of her thoughts on home, family, kids and how minimalism and abundance go hand in hand!

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