Is Technology Shaping Who You Are? - Jeff and Alyssa

Setting boundaries for technology have always been there for most us. Growing up you knew not to watch too much TV, not to play endless hours of video games or not to spend too much time on the computer. Yet with the advancement of technology we literally have all those things at our fingertips today. And it is super convenient right?! No matter where you are you can check your email, find the best restaurant to eat at, pay a bill, update your friends and family about what you are doing at that exact moment, or play copious amounts of Sudoku. Endless options in the palm of your hand. Our phones, tablets, laptops have become an everyday necessity. We don’t leave home without it. But why?

It’s simple. We’ve become dependent on technology. Overly dependent.

Next time you’re in line at the grocery store, at a restaurant or even walking down the street look up and I bet you’ll see a lot of heads down. Pulling out your phone and scrolling has taken over being present in your surroundings. It’s become a tool for escapism from stress, the awkward silence or the unknown. As a society, we have let what was once socially looked down upon to be socially acceptable. Looking at a screen has become second nature where making the choice to put down the phone has to be a fully conscious decision for some. The other day I was in a store and there was a sign at check out that said: “Please put your phone away.” I asked the cashier about the sign and she replied, “So people can pay attention and we can make the lines move faster.”

Has your use of technology slowed you down in other areas of your life?

We hope this message encourages you to take a good hard look at the time you and your family spend on technology. It is easy to get caught up in the tech storm, but with the right boundaries you set for yourself and home, you can find a balance to enjoy all the benefits in a healthy way.

This week Alyssa and I chat about our family’s ‘tech manifesto’ which is just a handful of helpful rules and limits and boundaries we’ve set individually and as a family for our technology use. I’d love to hear from you guys this week on any tips or tricks and how you’ve thought through your relationship with technology!

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