How Little Moments Can Change Everything - Jeff and Alyssa

We all have them. Little chunks of time throughout our lives that shape us. Memories that not only you can see vividly, but also feel. These are the moments. Moments that you love, moments you’d like to forget, moments that you learn from, moments that helped you become the person you are today. And in those moments, each one includes something that influenced the emotion that comes with it. Now we can go in all directions on this, but we want to cover something more specific on moments! Creating moments for your kids.

Moments are anchors on the soul.

Parents, parental figures, future parents, all those in a position to influence a child’s life, we cannot emphasize more on the importance of creating moments for your children. God blessed us with children and as parents, it is our job to architect moments for good and towards Jesus. These moments matter and just like us will help our children grow into the best person they can be. So put in the effort, put in intentionality, use the wisdom you have gained through the years and create those moments that the rise above the rest.

What small thing can you do today to help create a lasting memory for both you and your child?

On The Real Life Podcast, we talk about The Power of Moments, a book by Chip Heath and Dan Heath, and although it isn’t specifically written as one, it is one the best parenting books we’ve encountered! Parents, every moment counts! Tune in to find out more!

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