Happy Thanksgiving! – 10 Things I’m Thankful For




Happy Thanksgiving! What a perfect day to start our 1,000 gifts list! Each Thursday I’ll list out 10 things I am thankful for, for that day or week. Please join me with your Gift lists!

This week, I am thankful for:

1. My sweet friend getting engaged to the love of her life- how many years we have prayed for him!

2. My husband’s constant pursuit and care for me

3. Holiday cooking with my mom

4. A long text message from a sweet mentor

5. Laughter with my Jeffey

6. Heating blankets

7. Christmas wreath on our door

8. Toilet cleaner

9. Ice cream date with my small group

10. Loud houses full of people


What about you? What are a few things you are thankful for this week?





  1. what iam thankful for
    1 my family
    3 be able to go to school
    4a home
    5 my kittys
    9color pens
    10 pomagranets

  2. I’m thankful for:

    this blog that I have read
    for my ears that able to hear good words and music
    for not having a leg pain during work and making children smile
    for the pancit,clubhouse and pizza that my friend treated me
    for my parents coz they were able to reply my txt messages
    and so much more..nice to share,if your heart is full of thanksgiving
    and to God for making me realized how blessed and beautiful I am..thank you..

  3. Things I am thankful for:
    1.my family including my precious niece!
    2.my doggies!
    3.my heart beating in normal rhythm
    4.awonderfully decorated home
    5.my job
    6.my friends who are like my family
    7.the gorgeous weather today
    8.having Christmas off this year
    9.having a working knee
    10.being alive and happy!!!
    Love you Lyssie!

  4. I am grateful today, and everyday, for the grace God extends to me and mine. My blessings are too numerous to count. My family, our health and happiness, laughter, kisses and hugs, food to eat, a home of our own. I am so honored to be my husband’s wife, and my children’s mother. Thank You, Lord, for finding me worthy.

  5. I am thankful for
    1- My connection to something…more
    2- My family. They keep me grounded
    3- My ability to write out what I feel better than saying it
    4- Technology, keeps me close to the far
    5- my spot on the couch :o)
    6-I have food in my house
    7-I have clothes on my back
    8- I have people who care for me
    9- my heart, wounded as it is, it still works
    10- My over analytical mind

  6. 1. For my Savior. I can’t fully comprehend why He chose to save me, but I am drawn to Him and am thankful for His Love.

    2. For my mom, dad and brother

    3. For precious time spent with my grandparents

    4. For being able to have nice things (clothes, vehicle, furniture, a warm bed, a home…etc.) and a comfortable life

    5. For God blessing me with the gift of being able and loving to run. It helps me clear my mind.

    6. For the daily devotional “Jesus Calling”

    7. For Sally, at work

    8. For coffee

    9. For music that helps me praise God

    10. For Jesus stirring my spirit and changing my heart and leading me on a path to run towards Him

  7. 1)My cats
    2) old,new,and future friends
    4)the grace and love of God and Jesus
    5)My future love 🙂
    6)my guitar
    7)Bible Study
    8)graduating from High school
    9)Learing new things in collage

  8. I’m thankful for….
    1) The two little boys that I’m currently babysitting- I’ve loved getting to watch them grow up!
    2) The ability to go to college and get an education
    3) For the yummy dinner that I made tonight
    4) For the family that I got to spend this last few days with
    5) For great friends
    6) For my computer that I am typing this on
    7) The Christmas music currently filling the air
    8) For my Savior who loved me enough to come to Earth
    9) For my job where I get to share the love of Jesus with middle and high school students- I wouldn’t trade it for the world
    10) For life- for being able to wake up this morning and smile.

  9. Im thankful for

    1. Jesus. He is the best gift gift God gave me.
    2. God’s grace
    3. Family
    4. Food
    5. The bible
    6. People like Jeff and yourself and many other people that share the gospel and help people like understand it more.
    7. Christian music
    8. My bed
    9. baths
    10. soap

  10. 10 things Im grateful for this season of life

    1) Gods GRACE. how its so much more than i can even begin to comprehend just when i think im understanding i realize its even more.
    2) how God uses people to help other people. like when im going through a hard time and i come accross a video or story that speaks exactly to me.
    3) Gods perfect timing and coordination
    4) that God has a plan and purpose for my life
    5) how God makes the things that seem so bad and can change even the worst thing to be so good
    6) that God uses me. whether i see it or not
    7) that i can trust God with all my heart even if what i see DOESNT MAKE SENSE!! because his track record is perfect he has never failed my or left me or anything… he cant… hense i can trust that i can put my trust in him (:
    8) that i dont have to be perfect. and he loves me as if i were. because God sees me for what Christ did!!
    9) that we are a body of Christ each with different gifts and callings rather than clones of worshipers. That way someone can encourage one person in a way that they cant see or cant encourge themself
    10) that i can have or feel nothing in this world and still have and feel EVERYTHING in Christ.

  11. I’am Thankful for:
    1.My husband (it amazes me how much he completes me)
    2.My family
    3.Our Christmas tree
    4. My health and my husbands being good
    5.My husband having a job that provides for us
    6.My mother and father-n-law
    7.The heater in our house
    8.Casie’s one of a kind smile
    9.Our precious dof Molly
    10.That God has a plan for me

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