Fulfillment in Faithfulness - Jeff and Alyssa

If all social media accounts shut down tomorrow, how would you feel?

Social media can be a great way to stay connected with other people but it can also cause a ton of anxiety or even identity crisis when we don’t get likes and follows.

As Christians, we’re meant to live in community together, helping each other stay grounded and to encourage each other. God wants us to create a legacy of faithfulness to him, faithfulness to the work he’s called us to do, and faithfulness to our brothers and sisters.

Take time this Christmas season to reach out to your friends and neighbors, not just digitally but maybe step out of your comfort zone and wish them a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in person. I bet it would mean more to them than you’d realize.

This week on the podcast I talked with my good friend Trey Kennedy about what it looks like to create a lasting legacy of faithfulness. 

One thing I love about Trey is that he puts his calling and his community over flashy gimmicks or chasing celebrity–like making videos that he thinks are funny instead of posting just for likes or staying in his hometown of Kansas City instead of moving to a bigger city like LA.

He’s such a great example of how important it is to follow the calling God has given you and find what you’re passionate about because that’s what makes you unique. There’s no one else who can do what you do.

And you gotta be anchored in yourself and your identity in Christ so that you don’t look to the world for approval. Believe me, I know how awesome social media is, but as we finish up this year, put your phone down and create some boundaries and some rhythms that will help you rest and refill your tank and that help you stay faithful to where God has called you to be.

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