Difference Between True and Counterfeit Self Care - Jeff and Alyssa

Ever have a day that seems harder than the rest? Those days that are more stressful, messy, and uncomfortable than others? The days that all you long for is just some “me” time? We all have those days am I right?! So go ahead run a hot bath, pour a glass of wine, dive into that book. Take a deep breath. You deserve it. Indulge a bit. Treat yourself. Feel better? Now ask yourself: Is this truly taking care of yourself? Is that true self-care?

Does “Treat Yourself” equal “Self Care”?

Now we are all for treating ourselves! It is a good thing for us to do, but it is not to be to confused with the true meaning of self-care. Self-care is an act in which makes your heart flourish, brings your heart joy. A true joy that doesn’t come from buying anything or escaping into “me” time.

Self-care can be found in pursuing the best for yourself by pursuing the best for your neighbor.

So when you do have that tough day, don’t lean into self-indulgence, lean into God. It’s easy to turn to certain habits when times get hard, but as a follower of Jesus, there is no greater remedy to a bad day, week, or season than talking to God and loving your neighbor.

This week we talk about Self Care and how consumerism and escapism have overshadowed the true ways of how we really should be taking care of ourselves.

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