Details for Next Week's Events in SoCal - Jeff and Alyssa

Hey guys,

I thought since so many are asking me about all the SoCal events next week I would consolidate all the details here so you can hopefully come out! By the way, all of the events are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC which is awesome!! Below are the three events:

Feb 21 | University of Redlands

  • This event is from 8-9 in the Orton Center

  • I’ll be doing some spoken word, speaking, and Q&A

  • click here for Facebook event

Feb 22 | Azusa Pacific University

  • This event is two sessions (5-6:30, 7-8:30) on Trinity Lawn

  • There will be live music, booths, etc (this is more of a fair type event)

  • The first session will be ‘Sexual Healing’ (spoken word and talk)

  • Second session will be ‘Jesus>Religion’ (spoken word and talk)

  • I’ll finish both sessions with a Q&A

  • This one will be a fun one to come hangout, bring friends, and enjoy the music, booths, and crowds!

  • Click here for Facebook event

Feb 23 | Biola University

  • This event is from 9-10pm in Sutherland Hall.

  • They are expecting more than the venue can hold so I would say make sure to come early!

  • If you are a Biola student you get chapel credit for coming

  • The setup of the night will be the same as the Redlands

  • Click here for Facebook event

Three events in three days! It’s going to be awesome! Hoping God opens eyes, and pierces hearts with His grace. Who’s coming out?! Which one you coming to?