Day 1 in Uganda - Jeff and Alyssa

As I type this I am sitting on the porch of an orphan home looking up at the stars here in Uganda. It’s so beautiful and full of life here. Even today a pack of monkeys crossed the street while we were driving!


Anyways I’m loving it here. We haven’t officially done much because we’ve been traveling but it’s been legit. We had two 10 hour flights to get here and we then stayed in a guest house last night in the capital city. We woke up this am and took a 6 hour car ride to get to where we are now. It’s an orphanage called Restoration Gateway. It’s ran by this sweet couple from Texas and they have almost 150 kids in the orphanage! The kids live in brick houses that they build on site. Each house has a ‘mom’ that stays there full time to cook and help the kids with homework.

Today the kids were practicing a bunch of performances because the first lady of Uganda is coming Monday. Seriously there is nothing more beautiful than a group of 150 kids singing praise songs to Jesus with dancing mingled in. Such a special moment to partake in.

I’m out here with my buddy who runs an awesome ministry called Dollar For The Poor. If you have a chance check it out. They only ask for a monthly donation of one dollar a month and that money helps to give water, education, and micro finance to orphanages like the one we’re at! It’s crazy to think I’ve been giving for about 2 years and so only about 24 bucks but it’s cool to come see one of the places that it comes to fruition at! It’s a sweet feeling to see the kids faces who you are helping get an education and then microloan so they can live with sustainability. And to think how much a dollar to us is and how much that can do in places like Uganda is unbelievable! It’s humbling for sure. Anyways that’s it for now. Hope to post photos and video soon.

Check out Dollar For The Poor Here: