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{The Gospel Centered Woman–Understanding Biblical Womanhood through the Lens of the Gospel by Wendy Alsup}

gospel centered woman single page

So uplifting and challenging. A huge help in my marriage, with my walk with Jesus and helping understand my role as a woman.

{Bonhoeffer by Eric Metaxas}

Bonhoeffer Metaxas

This is not a typical book that I would read- for one, it’s 600 pages, and two, I’m not really a history buff like my studly husband. However, this book quickly grabbed my attention and I wasn’t able to put it down. What a man of conviction, integrity and justice. His life points to how great of a God we have. A must read-period.

{Chase by Jennie Allen}


I just started this for my devotions and am LOVING it! You can use this study in a small group or on your own. The Lord is using this study to draw me so much closer to Him. I appreciate Jennie’s heart-searching questions that really make me look at my life and line it up with Jesus’ truth. It is an awesome tool to draw you to Jesus. I am growing greatly from it as a 25 year old, but I think a junior/senior high schooler & on could relate and learn from this study.

Listening to~

{Liberty Campus Band–Love Displayed}


Okay, seriously!? Jeff and I had the opportunity to visit Liberty University this past week and chapel, or convocation, was amazing! This band not only is extremely talented (and I mean, extremely!), but points to Jesus’ grace and truth in a joyful and heartfelt way. So appreciate these guys. I haven’t listened to anything else all week!

Happy Friday ya’ll!

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