Columbus, Ohio! - Jeff and Alyssa

Jeff and I went to Ohio this weekend for a youth conference at a convention center. I have to admit, I had to google a map of the United States to find out where Ohio was! I knew it was in the middle somewhere, but didn’t realize how far east it is. Since it was up north like Minnesota, I assumed it’d be just as cold, but Ohio surprised us with it’s sunny, 65 degree weather. (Way to go Ohio!)


7th-12th graders came to learn about Jesus, and to have their lives “collide” with His. Attaboy band was there leading worship (legit guys) and Jeff spoke on identity, the gospel and why Jesus is so much better than behavior-modification religion.


Other than the conference, we took it pretty easy spending time at Starbucks, eating and going to see Argo (we’ll just scratch out the part that we had to leave an hour early because we got our flight time wrong! Epic Fail!)


Saturday we slept in until noon! Wow! I haven’t done that since I was in high school! (However, it really was 9am our time).


We have a new favorite restaurant “Max & Erma’s”- like a classy Applebee’s. It was the only restaurant open within walking distance late at night after Jeff spoke (we’re always starving after he speaks). We giggled in our seats (well I giggled, Jeff chuckled…much more manly) with the waiters there. Very friendly and talkative bunch! Jeff fell in love with the black bean burger (although I’m thinking we need to buy some bean-o if we’re going to continue eating black beans!) and I fell in love with their hot-out-of-the-oven cookies. Not to mention that the waiter gave me 6 free ones since they were closing soon! YES!


Ohio people kept us laughing all week- they’re awesome! We knew this was a special state when we boarded the miniscule plane from Detroit to Ohio. Our flight attendant was the most perky, exuberant attendant we’ve ever encountered. She made flying so exciting! I couldn’t wait to hear what she was going to say next! Then on Friday night our server at Max & Erma’s gave a 5 minute performance about how he was going to take over our table, switching with the other waiter, but to not be alarmed because we were now in good hands. Oh man. Finally, and this guy is my favorite, one of the main youth pastor’s at the conference was our “body guard” on Sunday when all the kids stampeded Jeff for his autograph and picture. He wins the youth pastor award! Keep those kids going! (I so wish we could just hire him to come along with us everywhere we go).  As Jeff took photos, he just had these dry remarks that made me giggle and love every minute. You know, one of those guys. Love them!


The best part of the weekend was hearing Jeff speak at the conference. I can’t help but smile the whole time he’s up there- to see the Lord use your husband in the way He has specifically gifted him is amazing. I am so thankful for a husband who loves Jesus, speaks truth, and is passionate about the gospel!


When we were walking we stumbled upon the Capitol!

My handsome man!

Our first Christmas siting! Eeee!