Finding Freedom – Part 3

God’s Redemption Story You know those parts of your life that when you look back on them, or maybe you’re just coming out of one, you can tangibly feel the darkness and despair and shame? The parts of your life that were really hard, and either full of grief and pain, or the parts that […]

Finding Freedom – Part 2

Now A Mother Here I am, a mom to two sweet toddlers, with a baby on the way, and I still find myself struggling with my body image and insecurities of who I am, or who I’m not, on so many days. Sure, it’s in different ways then when I was 20, but the feelings […]

Finding Freedom – Part 1

Flashback to College I was a sophomore in college. I was walking up the big hill that led to my dorm, with a to go box of food in my hand. Yes, once again I had just wanted to eat lunch alone in my room, not wanting anyone to see what I was going to […]

Introducing Finding Freedom

Start Your Journey to True Freedom! When Jeff and I wrote Love That Lasts, a book all about dating and marriage, a huge part that we talked about was how our childhoods and past affect our relationships; it’s part of our stories and what we bring into our current relationships. In one of the chapters, […]