The secret to avoiding burnout in your life - Jeff and Alyssa



Ever feel like the day goes by, and although you were busy, nothing feels accomplished? Or maybe that you powered through the work day, but by the end of it you’re too exhausted to spend time with your spouse, your kids, or even yourself?

In this world of always on the move, always progressing, always pushing through, how and why do we allow ourselves to get to the point where life just builds up and we simply become overworked?

We reach a point of burnout.

It’s as if we all have to reach this level of stress before we take the steps to prevent it. But what if we started to become more aware and help others be more aware of the symptoms of burnout?

How great would it be if you allowed yourself more time every day to decompress, reflect, have a conversation with Jesus, and be present with those closest to you?

Pretty awesome right?!

Always easier said than done, but a great, easy first step is to have rhythm in your day. A routine. A way to repurpose your day, week, month, year, in order to accomplish what is meaningful in your life and to others. A way to truly pursue your calling.

Check out our latest episode as we dig into rhythms and how setting boundaries can create exactly what you need in order to prevent burnout in your life!

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