5 Things I've Learned By Being A Dad (For Two Weeks) - Jeff and Alyssa

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Everyone, meet Kinsley Joy Bethke. I know, totes adorbs, right?

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As of my writing this I’ve been a dad for 20 days. Absolute rookie status. But it’s crazy how fast you start learning things (or should I say, how fast you start processing things–because it’ll take a lifetime to learn). Below are few observations & thoughts.

1) Having a kid reminds you life is lived in the moments. In the present. Capture and soak it in because it moves fast.

2) Like most people I have a tendency to have good bible reading time in the morning (with a great cup of black coffee of course) & then once I leave that time feel like I am leaving what I learned or read. But with a baby, I’m learning to lean on the Spirit every second of every day. Tiredness, emotions, etc cause me to be in absolute surrender on the Spirit present in that very moment. He has strength for us, He just asks us to lean in harder.

3) Babies (at least ours) really, really, really, REALLY like to wait until the diaper is off in between changing to poop. So great.

4) Our heart has so much capacity to love it’s crazy. I used to think my heart only had so much love to give but I’m learning with each person or opportunity to love that enters my life, my capacity for love also grows parallel.

5) Sleep is a beautiful and amazing gift from God (from what I remember).

What about you? Do you have kids? What do you remember learning in the first few months?