You are Promised - Jeff and Alyssa

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Alright…I’m gonna go there. The Bachelor. I know there are lots of mixed thoughts on the show, but I will admit that I watch it on and off. I love a good love story, and I especially enjoy analyzing people’s responses and interactions in a dating relationship. It fascinates me. But besides all that, I do look forward to the finale where FINALLY (except really, it’s only been 6 weeks!) the bachelor says “I love you”, gets down on his knee, pulls out that ROCK of a ring (oh, Neil Lane rings- swoon), and asks the girl to marry him, and be his forever. Sigh. Forget the fact that it’s a TV show, and most couples have not lasted…we still get the thrill of the moment don’t we!?

I love a good love story, and I love hearing how couples get engaged. But at the root of it, I love what is happening…two people are promising themselves to each other. They want to be together, forever. They’re choosing each other. They’ve found the one they cannot imagine living without. And the man slides a ring on her finger, symbolizing a promise that is fulfilled at the altar. That just as a ring is a circle, and can never be broken, so the two people are committing their lives together, promising one another that they will never be separated.

These love stories are simply a reflection of our relationship with Jesus. Yes, the bachelor fails us (ahem, I won’t even go into this past season). People fail, disappoint. You date, and may break up. Maybe you get engaged, and realize it’s not the right relationship and call it off. You get married, and as wonderful as your spouse is, they are human and you get hurt at times. Being in relationship with people is messy, and usually involves pain at one point or another. Yes, there’s healing, forgiveness, and grace- thank you Jesus!- but we will experience heartache at one point or another.

However, with Jesus, there is no heartache. No pain. He does not fail us, leave us, or let us down. His word is firm and true. He does not go against His promises- they are all yes in Him. He is sure, steady, trustworthy, and perfect.

And He has called us, promised us Himself forever. Every moment, every second, He is with us, for us, looking on us with love, grace, and mercy.


As sweet as a man’s proposal is on his bended knee, Jesus far exceeds it by proposing on the tree. As He gave up his life for you on the cross, it was as if He was proposing to you- showing you true love, giving his very life for you. And when He rose again, He sent His Holy Spirit to dwell in you, acting like an engagement ring- reminding you of His promise that He is coming back for you, and is with you now.

The Creator of the world, the Savior of our souls, has promised Himself to you. You are deeply desired.

Thursday, April 24, 2014