10 Things You Have To Do If You Want The Next Generation To Listen... - Jeff and Alyssa

A lot of times I get asked why I seem to have struck a chord with the younger generation. To be honest, I have no idea. But, after thinking of a few pastors/speakers who I listen to frequently I started looking for common variables. Below are a few I’ve noticed that I’ve also tried to model and incorporate when I speak from time to time. The biggest mistake by an adult is to think the younger generation “can’t handle” all of the truth or can’t comprehend it. It’s a joke that in school these teenagers are taking chemistry and calculus yet we in the Church make them stay in the kiddie pool in regards to the depth and knowledge of our Creator. God’s a beast, stop making excuses for Him. I’ve noticed the biggest thing my generation wants is just someone who tells it how it is. They just want someone who lays it all out there and has firm convictions about what they believe. My generation just wants authenticity.


10 Things You Have To Do If You Want The Next Generation To Listen…


1. Preach Jesus.


2. Don’t Take Yourself Seriously.


3. Speak Truthfully, Boldly, and Fervently.


4. Preach Jesus With Your Life.


5. Don’t Shy Away From “Taboo” Sins.


6. Be Transparent.


7. Lead In Repentance.


8. Show God is After Our Joy, Not Our Buzzkill.


9. Don’t Water Down Jesus’ Harsh Sayings.


10. Preach And Articulate Real, Biblical, Transforming Grace.


What Do You Think? What Would You Add/Subtract?