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Here it is...

I came to our mentors a few months ago and said, “Hey, you guys teach about this and talk about this a ton in your area, and have been for two decades. What if we partnered and brought some of this stuff online so we can help more families and marriages and turn other family’s lives upside down (for better), as you did with us?”


They said yes!


Sidenote: You guys will hear more from Jeremy & April (that’s our mentors names) in the future on our podcast and some other things where we introduce them to y’all but I wanted to give you a quick sketch on them and how awesome they are. They live in Cincinnati Ohio and he (Jeremy) is CEO of and runs a wildly successful video and creative studio called Epipheo. They also are an incredibly healthy family of 7, with a 19 year old daughter as the oldest and ranging down to a 10 year old as the youngest. They don’t have just an awesome family but have actually consistently been teaching and discipling families (they actually also run a non profit that has the mission statement of “making and seeing one thousand disciple making homes in the city of Cincinatti”) for two decades now, with a huge impact being seen in dozens of families and homes.

And I finally convinced them to bring all their awesomeness to the internet side of things. AND THEY SAID YES! It’s literally what changed our family five years ago and I think it can change yours.


So, that’s what this is.


We’ve been hustling, grinding, and working crazy hard behind the scenes to launch a whole family brand with them come 2019. It includes podcasts, courses, books, live events, and more. And so with only a month or so left before we start releasing some of this stuff into the wild, we wanted to come to our core Internet family and give y’all a chance to get the homie hookup better and bigger than ever before we start releasing all of this stuff at regular price. We don’t have a design or book covers yet, so for you guys helping us get across the finish line with these products, we want to hook you guys up. Note: THIS IS A CRAZY OFFER THAT WE ARE ONLY OFFERING TILL THE END OF THE YEAR. 

What you’ll get:


Skill of Fatherhood Master Class (will retail for $199 in 2019) - This is the biggest and most awesome thing I think we are doing in 2019. We already have shot the whole thing, and let me tell you, it’s INSANELY GOOD and jam-packed with so much wisdom and tools. Honestly, I wish I had this course four years ago before we started having kids! It’s mostly a master class with multiple sections/modules on one topic that each has various classes within it. There is an entire module (8 videos) on the skill of training your kids. Another module on the skill of coaching your family as a team on a mission (7 videos). Another on the skill of building a multi-generational family (8 videos). And then on top of that, there will be an entire ‘buffet style’ library with the with tons of short 2-3 minute videos that are quick ‘tools’ or ‘hacks’ to add to your parenting belt. This master class also includes interviews with multiple families to show you practically how others are implementing and walking this same journey! Seriously, this one is incredible and we tried to make it WAY cheaper than most family conferences (which are usually $250-$350) and yet WAY better (it’s not just a handful of random conference talks, but literally an entire system and blueprint for how to build and create a family that is full of life and joy and God’s design.) NOTE: even though it’s called Skill of Fatherhood, it 100% can be bought and watched by mothers or as a couple together.


The Seven Day Family E-Course (will retail for $79) - This is a normal course like ones we’ve done in the past (Finding Freedom, Power of the Psalms, etc.) where it is a 10-week video series + 10-week digital workbook. This course has the power to turn a family around and gives the perfect blueprint for creating a family plan and rhythm that you’re in control of and that fills you. It includes topics like optimizing your week, how to conduct family meetings, why God created our lives to be in a series of sevens, crafting a day of rest, the importance of the family meal, as well as multiple bonus sessions for moms and dads specifically. And we also include three bonus interviews with three other families and how they live in rhythm and how their journeys have been.


31 Creative Ways to Transform Your Family (will retail for $19) - this is a book by us that has incredibly practical, wise tips and parent hacks that you can incorporate into your family to transform it. The subtitle is ‘practical everyday tools that will make an immediate difference.’ And honestly, this book I know I’m going to give out as gifts and to friends because it’s such a useful and practical guide to help us elevate and support our families.


Father’s Compass (will retail for $19) - This is 20 fatherhood insights to guide dads through the journey of fatherhood. If you ask fathers today why they are a father, or what the importance of it is, most of us can’t answer. We might want to be intentional, yet don’t have a framework for fatherhood that’s helpful to us when we really need it. This book lays out 20 different fatherhood insights and truths that help unlock your vision and potential for what it means to be a father.


Family Revision (will retail for $15) - This is a book written by Jeremy and is a 50,000 word book (same length as Love that Lasts or Jesus > Religion) where he tells his story of being a Western dads 20 years ago, to find a better model in the classical Biblical model found in Scriptures.


PS one qualifier: this only pertains to all the resources we are releasing under the 'family teams' brand in 2019. Jeff and Alyssa might have other random projects you will see released but those are not included. Everything included in this awesome deal is noted above.