Fight for Faith

Did anyone else grow up watching The Prince of Egypt!? Still to this day, even after Bible College and studying abroad in Israel, I picture Moses and the exodus with the same cartoon characters and music. The Exodus. The story of how God saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, taking them on a long journey […]

He is Able

With blow dryer in one hand and a round brush in another (just used one this weekend- life changer!), I was concentrating intensely on how to blow dry my hair like my hair dresser. You know—how they blow dry your hair with perfection—and quickly might I add! Let’s just say the Lord did not bless […]

When Insecurity Rears Its Ugly Head

Insecurity. Just the word sends shivers up my spine. Ugh. I hate it. The little bugger doesn’t come up often, but when he does, I want to run away and hide. Lies flood my mind: Who are you kidding? You can’t do this. You’re nobody. You’re not like them. Nobody sees you. Nobody cares. You’re […]


I so wanted to write a heartfelt blog on Valentine’s Day, but with the unexpected busyness of the day, my long list of to-do’s before we left for the weekend, and me simply wanting to soak up every bit of the day I could, it didn’t happen. But really, I think the Lord wanted the […]

No Good Thing

We were all gathered in a circle on my friend’s living room floor. I was gently opening their sweet gifts for my 23rd birthday. Sigh. I felt so blessed. Here were some of the dearest women in my life, all here to celebrate me. Seriously!? Pulling out the tissue paper, I pulled out a frame covered in […]

Beauty in Prayer

Legs crossed, head bowed down, hands opened. Hearts being laid bare. Honest. Real. Raw. Heartfelt. Amen’s being proclaimed in my heart. I get to lead a small group of college girls every Thursday night. They come over, we eat, talk about life (and Downton Abby & the Bachelor…confession: I like the Bachelor. I know I […]

My Anything

After reading “Anything” by Jennie Allen, I had to write out my own prayer of anything. It’s messy. It’s scary. It’s vulnerable. But I pray that God uses it to encourage you. As God’s beloved, we have nothing to fear. He is for us. He is with us. He is within us. He is for our good and His glory. So whatever He […]


I’ve been living comfortably. Not that I haven’t had tearful nights and stressful, hard days—I have. But I’ve been clinging to my comfort. My desire to be in control. To know what’s next. To not risk too much because I know how deeply painful it is. I don’t like change. I don’t like challenges or […]

Our God Is…

Yesterday Jeff and I jumped into the Christmas celebration! We went to a tree farm down in “the country land” and cut down our first tree! (Well, Jeff cut it down- I just stood by, took photos and cheered him on.) It was a blast! Hot cocoa, foggy day, rain boots, jackets, candy canes, Christmas […]