Book Club - Jeff and Alyssa

Book Club

Hey all! We are excited for you to be with us for the Love That Lasts book club! To make sure you’re all squared away:

1) Drop your email below!

2) Join the FB group, that we will link to on the next page (you can still watch and be in the book club, if you’re not on Facebook. We will be emailing the videos as well, but the good discussion nuggets will be happening in the group!).

3) Get the book here and start reading! We’d suggest reading as far as you can before we start (even the whole book if you’d like!), and then refocusing on the sections we break down over the 4 weeks.

4) It will be every Monday night, for 4 weeks, starting June 18th at 7pm EST! So put it on your calendar! We will email you before to remind you as well.

5) BTW, this book is for both singles and those in a relationship so we will cover both in the videos as well!

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